Black Out (poem circa 2005)

If you know me, you have probably heard me performing poetry, its something I love to do. I remember when I first started performing I use to avoid writing love/erotic/relationship poems. I was more inclined to changing the world and running from any emotion. The first time I did try an erotic poem, I couldn’t write one seriously because I was laughing at an encounter I had with a woman whose name will remain anonymous…to protect my innocence. And if C-Hope reads this, go ahead and laugh bro, we’ve come a long way since this…

Black O.U.T.

I can’t believe we did that last night

I mean I only know you on a first name basis

What’s your last name?

Out of all the times we’ve been face to face

It took a Saturday morning out for groceries

For you to find a captivating way to say Excuse me

As you reached for those candy yams

That’s why I asked is it dinner for two

As you past and gently brushing against me

Flirting, yes, if that means me and you.

Well, you knew what you were doing

It got my attention

Delectably I know you saw the conspiracy in my lips

Simultaneously I unconsciously ended up at your dinner table

Baby I forgot to mention

Of how much of your foot you put into that meal

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

But the best way to his mind

Is to take his hand, lead him to a room faintly lit

With whip cream, strawberries, cherries, and a box of incense

Next to some refreshing edibles

And I like how you already had those on

And nibbled on my ear

Clenching your thigh and spreading your hip

Tasting your necks nectar

Hold up! Did you give me a hicky?

Can I get some band-aids for these scars?

Cause when you were digging in my flesh

Tasting your breasts tantalizing sweat

I seen how you were looking at me like

I hope he goes pass my navel

Just to let you know I was willing and able

Just like the anticipation in the grip in your jaws

I think I heard my name being called

I experienced Eden succulents as your knees buckled

Your spine shuffled so did the strength in your hands

Damn near suffocated me baby

I guess that’s just you warning me that you was about to

But you better not in my mouth

Counting over a hundred positions

Although we only made it to sixty-nine

But at least we did it twice

Enticed by the way I made my entrance

I admit I was a little overzealous and excited

Entranced our eyes met at an instance

Instantly thrusting consecutively

To some music made back in the early eightys

Would you woo, woo, woo…

It feels like you should be mine

As positions shifted and propelled me to spell my name

A-K-.didn’t seem just like four letters

Seemed more like seven or better

Said my name

Was it good? You shouldn’t even had asked

Why you think I was gnawing on your ankles?

Because I wanted to but not yet

Not until I heard that heavy breathing

Heart pounding, break in the heart beat

CD skipping on number six

Two happy people

Happy tears caught by your eye lids

Those teeth grinding like our bodies

Intensified by our stiffened muscles

I was catching a cramp

But I wanted to catch you when you fell

So when you came

We went straight to sleep

And I was wondering,

How did I get handcuffed to this headboard?

Do you have the key?

2 thoughts on “Black Out (poem circa 2005)”

  1. Wow, to say the least. The way you brought this poem to life was captivating. I read it over and over , then closed my eyes and remembered a few lines. Being able to speak to someone from 100’s of miles away is breath taking you truly have a gift. Keep it up!

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