Just Another Poet (poem)

So she asked me to write her a poem…

This seductive selective mistress of my attention,

After hearing me mention that I was a writer,

Made me proceed with caution making sure I wasn’t lost in


As I spoke a foreign language to her

“Hell No!!!!” is what I told her, but then I explained…

“My dear, please excuse my Swahili but I don’t know you from a can of paint…

I mean I would love to rub my fingers flawlessly through your palette

Paint you a thousand pictures worth a thousands words

So you can hear my words thousands of times to fully realize I exist in a one-in-a-million chance of a lifetime

I mean how would I go about writing you a poem?

It wouldn’t be hard to tell you romanticized allusions of grandeur,

Skip over the current events

Sell you a used car lot of schemes that rappers usually hear before they sign that first royalty check…

In the midst of things;

It only fogs your perception of me…

and maybe hat’s the only way I think you will pay attention to these metaphors, similes, fantasies, realities, and any other word that ends with –ies

I have rolled right out of the horse’s mouth to the tip of your tongue

French kissed in essays with a flirt of creativity.

I’m sorry but they don’t build friendships, partnerships, or relationships because they get easily sea sick…

I can’t just write you a poem of what you want to hear

I have to lust your love for listening and disregard you conceiving me an illegitimate understanding

Naming that bastard after my comprehension

I guess in the future some intelligent git will come up to me and say that it was my offspring…

and all I can do is agree

because its my splitting image…

Lil’ nigga looks just like my poetry”

She said she like-ed it and didn’t care what anyone thought….

and I don’t think she’s a hoe just because she had sex in my poems on the first night….

She’s just a woman that knew what she wanted

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