Unconquerable (poem)

I am a proud father,

not a sorry daddy

nor a scrappy pappy

I didn’t come up here and ask you to clap for me because I was at my son’s birth, changing his diapers, or kissing him where it hurts

And yeah it hurts…

For you to think because I am a baby’s daddy I’m a part time father

Why should I even bother proven you wrong

I don’t want your pity,

I just want you to feel me when I say


I wish I could see my son more than half of the week

And everyone knows that he is my weakness

And if you were smart

You would use it against me

But Thursday is the day of the week

I make that hour trip to pick up my seed

The one piece of me that is innocence at its purity

The same reason I almost cried at the first signs of life

of an exhale

from an infant

crying that he’s finally free

to have someone die for him

That someone is me…

I’ll be damned if a judge who has no right to judge me

merits my job as a father by whats said in court

I can care less about lawyer fees, court cost and paying child support

While getting this joint custody

Because everyone doesn’t comprehend

It will take a man to raise him to be a man…


My son will be anything

Everything that his ambition envisions

Beyond his father’s decisions

Beyond his mother’s wishes

Born from a bloodline afar of divinity

But infinity is less than beyond his imagination

A smile that is the sign of dawn

Heir to a thrown of his own

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