Only because she had that look on her face of acceptance but
puzzlement…did I not leave her wondering why I wouldn’t…

I just explained,

“It’s not that I wouldn’t mind escorting you to your brother’s jumping of
the broom.

I think we would make a cute couple and probably give us a chance to grow,

but I don’t like weddings, because I almost cry at the end…”

She was like, “Awwwww, that’s…so sw-..”

And I interrupted instantly,

“Now, I’m not being soft nor sensitive,

but I wouldn’t say I was a love hater, or something like a pimp…

In fact,

I think it’s the most powerful force between hell and heaven,

and proof can be found in its nature

which can give you both…

trust me…I know.

It can deceive and lie to you

but still give you rapture and hope.

“But I guess it would only make sense if I told you my story…

I have only found myself at one wedding in my life,

because the exchanging of vowels is a lost art,

but just picture this masterpiece,

a minister requesting that if anyone else had any reason why these two
people may not join in holy matrimony,

speak now,

and simultaneously,

me bursting in,

temporarily blinded by my sea of emotion,

filling my eyelids

as I said “because he doesn’t know how to love her…

I do.”

And of course the groom tried to interrupt but in my blind frenzy, I
continued, “hold up,

you have through sickness and health and until death you do part ,to learn

but this is a crash course, so just listen.

“She needs to be an extension of your existence,

the reason your homeboys don’t see you as often,

because she is your best friend.

don’t take her for granted for God has allowed you to find everything good,
within this wicked world.

Leave your mother and father and become one flesh.

“Hold on to this soul of your rib,

don’t let her stress over where ya’ll are going to be in the next five

because no matter what,

“She is always going to be pumped inside of your chest

through the blood vessels,

making everything seem so sweet until you become diabetic,

where you get jitters and fits

making your muscles so stiff

its hard for you to turn your neck to look at the opposite sex.

“You just can’t desire her sexually

make sure you have fantasies of monogamy,

its not just your love life,

she should be the love of your life,

as matter of fact…

she should be the life to your love.

“That love needs to mature and grow…

Player leave the games at the playground,

don’t let your relationship go up and down,

seesaws will get you nowhere fast,

you have to jump out swings

and help gravity bring her down gently.

“I mean she needs to have your nostrils so open,

people can see her on your mind,

rain dancing

because you stay brainstorming to see her smile…

they say love begins like a lit match

if you smother it, or stop, drop and roll

it disappears

because of a lack of air…

so make sure you give her oxygen and a little blow,

I promise that flame will grow,

into a wild fire leaving ashes to your past,

as you passing your past.

Just her present presence is the present to the future.

“Unwrap that gift…

Let her add value to your soul,

she is rare as walking on water,

making her Gods gift, and that is as delicate as baby breaths,

so make her your infant.

“She should be the pinch out your dream,

the crust in your eye,

the first thing you see when you wake up,

regardless of morning breath,

you should get up,

kiss her in her mouth,

and tell her “baby, I love you!”

“Mean every syllable,

every consonant,

every vowel,

change the alphabet around and tell her “I” no longer come before “U.”

“Show her everyday that she is loved,

take cupid to court

and make him testify

that he tried but even he couldn’t make the devil tell a lie,

he could only confess that love is blind…

so that means you can’t see yourself without her…at anytime

“She is your earth

so sail her seas and oceans through a relationship

until you hit land flat on your face,

wash away her dirt, your pride, and both of ya’ll mistakes with a handful of

be patient because rushing things would only be time wasted.

“Let affection seep into your soul and affect your sense of direction,

and you become lost in translation,

not knowing what language to speak in,

so you say nathan,

until you reach the end of eternity

and be able to say “baby, through it all we done made it…finally!”

3 thoughts on “No RSVP”

  1. This is the exact love I need to have in my life. Point blank period. I wasn’t able to express it, but you took my feelings and put them into words. Amazing! I look forward to reading more!

  2. I love this one. It describes the love my husband me oh so well, he tries to tell me but he doesn’t know how his actions speaks louder but reading your words made me realize this is what he has been trying to say.

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