Financial History (poem)

If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense

Ever since blacks set foot in America they weren’t considered a red cent

and with my sixth sense I see dead people.

They say time is money and money is the root of evil

then our time in America has evil roots

…at least the past 5 centuries constitute.

Money can’t buy you happiness

But it can get you a slave?

Although it won’t grow on trees

It will hang like Spanish moss and lynching victims.

I say blood money…

Because bloodlines of kingdoms spilled and rotten

Souls of princes forgotten

Kinships were lost

And civilizations became servants picking cotton

All because of that thing called profit

‘Til this day…our currency currently pays honor to slavery

The dollar is symbolic because Washington was the 1st president…

To own slaves

and at his mansion you can view their graves.

The five has honest Abe

but honestly he didn’t set us free.

Just those outside of the Union…

In other words, those states inside the Confederacy

Signifying the emancipation proclamation is nothing more than strategic manipulation.

The twenty has Andrew Jackson, a plantation owner,

and the White House…a plantation.

Hell even the $2 bill has Thomas Jefferson

Who had illegitimate children from the slave Sally Hemmings.

While the federal reserve already got rid of $500 bills

I guess they didn’t want to remind us of 500 years of…

Long boat trips, human auctions, and beatings with whips.

Its naïve to believe that crime doesn’t pay

A history of a race was stolen by the system of slavery.

And who got paid?

America…the home of the brave and land of the free.

Or should I say “ land of the fee”!

But nothing in life is free.

Just ask Olaudah Equiano, who paid the price to be free,

but others paid the price with their lives

Now we can forget about reparations

that’s another dream we’re chasing…

like chasing a mule for at least those promised 40 acres

Actually like hounds sniffing over underground railroads in basements of Quakers

Filled with slaves running from whips, chains, and foot blisters

Now its just another day another dollar

So if today was tomorrow and yesterday is the past

Then the government is deferring our future

And the banks are lending out our history…

…read about it

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