Yes, miss

“He doesn’t need to call me that, I’m not an old woman.” It never fails that this is the reply from a woman with a range of disapproval in their tone. It usually is in response to my son saying yes or no ma’am or saying Ms. (Insert Name Here). I understand that no woman wants to feel or be perceived older/outdated, but don’t shoot the messenger because he’s just the vessel & when did manners become an endangered species. I don’t believe chilvary is dead. I don’t care if society has assassinated its character & made a mockery of its reputation…Chilvary is not dead. However, if you wanted to make an argument that it was in clinical rehab, well I would have to agree.
My grandmother always said to wipe your feet on the Welcome mat, greet properly, take my hat off when entering someone’s home & say “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” but I was an eighty’s baby & we had a bit more access due to phone conversations. It went more like “Good evening, ma’am, my name is _____!” As I waited for the reply, I couldn’t help but self affirm what my mother always told me, “always respect the parents.” Honestly, these are a few things I’m attempting to instill in my son. He knows to always say Ms. or Mrs., he may be too young to understand the difference but he knows to say it to a woman, rather she likes it or not. Why and if she’s in disagreement to him addressing her as such is another one of those signs of the times. People are too concerned about the wrong things. They say its age before beauty when entering a room but maybe people should allow respect to enter first.

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