No Breakfeast in Bed (poem)

Waking up this morning with the sun on my back

Perspiration in the air

Dragon on my breathe and boogers in my eyes

But I was blessed with a smile of refreshment

Along with sheets pulled up to my neck

Only being confused about my selections

Option 1: continue sulking in my bed

or willingly cook some breakfast

but I just lay staring at the ceiling

Feeling as if there is nothing better than living

Living inside a place where I haven’t been so long

That’s as subtle and secure as a woman’s arms

Holding on to her first born

Yawning while my eyes squinting

Now where did I put that remote?

I’m not even embarrassed that I went to sleep naked

It’s nothing like laying under the pillow

However not today because my heart is on my shoulder

Beating like a drum while breathing through yawns

And sighs like breathless stretches wrapped around thighs

Telling crescent moons that the dream is at the end

As an old sun begins new days

Consciously astray from what happened yesterday

I miss the feeling from last night

The lasting feeling of missing nights sleeps

A little irritated by the morning frustration

From a comfortable slumber

Trying to figure out how did minutes

Seem like infinite years of just serenely relaxing

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