Our Race (poem)

Our Race


AND THEY’RE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Leg

Jumping out the gate is Dope Boy Fresh, coming in second and third-Needed Black Leaders and Rich as a Bitch

Falling close behind is Our Children.

My Sister is dragging her feet but she has to worry about Undercover Brother, Slavery, and Pimping

As usual we have Another Statistic running in front of Revolution.


Many of those in attendance are waiting for Needed Black Leaders to take the lead because others have bet all their checks on Dope Boy Fresh, who is rounding to the corner.

Another Statistic is procrastinating after frustration from fear…fear of trying, fear of loosing, but he’s just fearful of Revolution who is trying to make a change…

Change like that found between My Sister and Rich as a Bitch, who now is being ridden by a new jockey, a white girl…

Pimping and Undercover Brother don’t see Slavery as a threat because they are e-racing the place of Our Children.


2nd Leg

Taking over the second leg is Needed Black Leaders who lead the pack with politics and bullshit while disregarding My Sister.

Seriously Dope Boy Fresh is gaining ground on the Our Children while approaching the corner.

Slavery is next and has a history of overtaking a race.

Pimping ain’t easy but it’s still in this race…

Undercover Brother will take the place of Another Statistic because of AIDS

Don’t count out Revolution,

Revolution is on his comeback campaign, he will be televised.


3rd Leg

The third leg is full of bleeps and blunders, slip-ups and fumbles.

Needed Black Leaders have dropped the ball and now we see Our Children falling in the place of Another Statistic who is use to making a lifetime of bad decisions.

My Sister is distracted and discombobulated by the trickery of Under Cover Brother.

Rich as a Bitch is the front-runner, refusing to let Pimping and Slavery catch up with him.

Don’t count out Revolution, he’s a survivor…

It’s his race to win…


4th Leg

Undercover Brother is vanishing because of an Acute Immune Deficiency.

Rich as a Bitch is done because his jockey has ridden him to the bank…now he’s broke as a joke, busted and disgusted.

For some reason Needed Black Leaders can’t be trusted and are nit-picking their battles.

My Sister is pushing Another Statistic to take the lead of Our Children.

Dope Boy Fresh as white as Nike checks but can’t finish the race because he’s fresh to death or in jail.


Final Stretch

And here’s the finale…bar b que or mildew….hoe up or blow up…


I can’t believe it people…

Pimping is dead…that’s right brothers and sisters

Pimping is dead…but Slavery is back…

Back in this race with Revolution

Coming down the stretch is Slavery and Revolution taking this race…

I mean its neck and neck, check for check,

It’s Revolution then Slavery,

No… it’s Slavery then Revolution

Revolution makes a break for it,

Slavery is in this race mentally,


Revolution will not be televised,

Revolution will be live…

This race will come down to a photo finish people…

And the winner is…and people’s champion of the world…


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