An Unlocked Box (poem)

If they ever told me that I would have loved again, I probably would have never believed it….

I have a past that kings and pro athletes could only envy. Where I have devoured the virtue of women and filled them with false hopes and left them all empty,

The spirit of my heart was misplaced into a foreign place that was no where near me….

You, my heart, finally came home.

I didn’t need doctors to fix my heartbeats during surgery, because you, my heart, have beaten a love inside of me that has knocked me unconscious,

I’m not here nor there, but just like acoustic sounds, everywhere they just hear it, when I speak, the love of your soul seeps inside of me and become one with my spirit.

Its inconceivable that I would dance with my eyes closed, nostrils open, all exposed and hoping that this feeling would never end.

If I shatter my face from falling flat on it, well for you, my heart, I will do it again.

You, my heart, are beautiful from your cuticles to the days you are stressed while your hair has broken ends, and all you can do is rub your neck, and suck on your two fingertips

Don’t stress God’s plan is to see that I make you happy,  

I love you so much, I’m thinking of dating your mother because you are her splitting image, and maybe somewhere deep down inside of her is where I can steal your essence and hold it for ransom, and she can grieve when I leave but you going to have to be with me until I no longer breathe. 

In the end, you will always have a home…inside of my chest, next to the blood vessels and away from the stress,

You have your own room inside of my memory where the light stays on, where hopes and dreams slow dances to me singing songs of you repeatedly.

I can’t sing a lick, but I can say I Love You more deeply than poets can think,

This poem is not able to convey to you, my heart, all I can do is look you in your eyes and show you.

I will put it on display so people will see its true, where even the devil says he is a liar to deny something that this is genuine as what I feel for you

So I no longer believe you, my heart, or them when they say I will love again…because I will never stop loving you, my heart

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