Public Jerk Annoncement

This is a public JERK announcement:

don’t believe anything you hear

and only half of what you see…

at least that’s what they want you to believe,

Just like they want you to believe

the gossip columns, tabloids, & Omar Tyree novels.

And they have the nerve to say blacks don’t read,

but lets read between the lines.

pay attention to the times and fine print to warn them

This poem and its contents, unless specifically noted, are copyright by Jerk, Inc.

and contain materials previously copyrighted by God.

All rights are reserved.

Accordingly, all materials, manufacturers’ specifications, and prices are deemed to be correct and accurate as presented,

but are subject to correction, change, and/or modification without notice.

Now raise your right hand

swear to learn the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth

before you make your judgment.

There will be trials….and tribulations

Cause little do you already know

Average Joe has his own issues to get thru,

and he’s been in & out of a rocky relationship with Jane Doe,

but we have our own problems,

now don’t we?

So let’s laugh at the story when they get on Maury

and he says…

“You are not the father.”

It’s for your entertainment,

but what about the bastard children?

They are completely innocent,

To their mother’s promiscuous decision,

Can you cast your stone even though you had multiple lovers

Can you cast your stone for that one time you didn’t wear a rubber

 all I’m saying is read between the lines.

Read between them coke lines Ezel be sniffing…

He’ll say

“You know how much you can get from a slip and fall accident,”

clean your car, cut your grass, spin & give you that crack head dance

just for some cash to support his addiction.

All for your entertainment.

now he’s a feature addict on A&E’s intervention.

8 pm, 5pm Pacific, just to be specific.

But little do you know Average Joe never gets mentioned.

Nancy Grace doesn’t get ratings for missing minority children.

Just stories of the celebutantes falling from grace

until they hit their face in your local listings.

You’ve heard these stories before.

So we all ignore the tiny spaces between the lines politicians leave, when they pause to read the teleprompter on fox & friends,

but with friends like that…who needs enemies.

They’ll call you un-American,

all for your entertainment,

& tell you to look toward the future,

like history doesn’t repeat itself.

I guess genocide isn’t genocide unless if its in Germany…

Nazi please,

You can tell the listeners in Sudan that nonsense.

but back to your irregular scheduled program.

Now is that enough entertainment,

is that enough plot thickening & climaxing…

I know the suspense is killing you like a 6 hour pornography

with a 4 hr erection

Although erections lasting for more than 4 hours may occur rarely with all treatments in this drug class,

to avoid long-term injuries,

it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

but make sure the sex is safe

because you’re still getting statutorily raped by these gas prices.

Read between the lines…of cars

wrapped around the corner

when they have us thinking that $2.69 a gallon

is suppose to be cheap,

Google politicians on YouTube in groups,

Cranking that poor little soldier boy

because wars will continue

to the melodies of constitutional songs produced by Uncle Luke..

Leaving our humanity…Scarred

until we focus on outer space

and read between the lines of stars & constellations

interpreting that Gods artistic perfection

is the devils entertainment…

He gets a kick out of our free will to make mistakes.

Love to see us chase our tails in circles

until we run out of breath,

telling God…we give up,

but God…forgives us.

God enjoys funny home videos

where laughs are with and not at us,

reading billions of autobiographies,

even though sometimes these stories sound synonymous.

The titles change but the writer signature is anonymous,

no rock stars, poets, Average Joes, John or Jane Does…

Just a personal library of books, radio programs, and shows of our souls.

No instant replay,

Just slow motion,

live & in living color…

with God reading between the lines.

Public JERK Announcement

Don’t Judge books by their covers…

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