Passing by Damascus


The only reason I made it here tonight is because of help from a stranger…

I was on route to the end of the road,

but cruise control made me notice

this figure on the side…

With her thumb pitching that she was in need of a vehicle or vessel,

but I usually don’t pick-up hitch hikers.

Strangely, this one time I didn’t hesitate,

had her to sit, put on her seatbelt, because its safety first,

and we began cruising…


I was attracted to her as if I knew her

maybe I valued her eyes and what she had seen,

as she began to introduce to me to who she was…


She said,      “My name is Life,

and everything about me may not be fair,

but I’m trying to be right.

It’s hard!

I’m a gift from God,

but people have no heart

and don’t care to hear reality.

They rather spread rumors about me.”


I interrupted, “Yea, I heard about you.

It was some good and a whole lot of bad

and excuse my French,
but I heard you was a bitch”


She said,      “Boy please,

I’m just a little realistic

but they can never say that I was easy.

That’s what they do;
hate and lie,

and I may seem too short

but I make long strides.


“That cat temptation

just wanted me to twist Fate

who has been waiting to catch me,

and misery is just a little bit jealous and wants my company.

And I know you aren’t talking,

I know of your driving history…


I said,              “Yea,

my moving violations could have been prevented

but all of that is irrelevant…


She said        “No…it isn’t.

It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

You have driven under the influence of all your negative

letting them intoxicate you until couldn’t see straight.


“Had you drive recklessly until you swerved past trees,

crashed and left victims of your passengers.

You can only thank God

that it didn’t happen to any pedestrians.


“You should appreciate those bumps in the road,

because speeding got you nowhere fast.

So ease the pedal off the metal,

pump your brakes,

and just let those trying to cross
your path…pass.

Move on,

and look in your rear view mirror,  

make sure they are gone

in your past.


I said,              “I’m not just trying to take you for a ride,

but I hate burning bridges,
because without them

crossing rivers are difficult.

Just like driving up this straight and narrow,

long and boring,

but I know there are no roads without turns.”


She said        “That may be right up your alley,

but first pay attention to the signs that said no U-turns.

Don’t you know this is a one-way street?

It’s too late to turn back

that would be the wrong way.”

“Believe me…

It’s much better but more difficult

going thru those mountains than around them.

Also, make sure you leave skid marks in the pavement

that’s the only way the world going to know you was in the driver seat of your own destiny….”


I hate backseat drivers.

They try to deny me my right to drive freely.

They always got something to say.

Especially, when I’m singing along to my favorite song,

they do nothing more than criticize
and don’t believe in me.


Now doesn’t this sound like the same old song

that Life was singing…are you catching the tones that this bell is ringing


So I asked     “Will you continue to ride with me?”


She said        “Even if you were going crazy

I would ride with you forever”


I told her        “It seems you know me better than me.

I guess you know of this high mileage.

How I’m so driven

that it doesn’t make any sense,

I’m tearing up my suspension and putting a toll on my engine,

and not going to stop until the wheels roll off.”


She said       “Don’t you think that’s exhausting?

Fatigue will have you asleep at the wheel,

and you going to need that will for that way,

which is a long ways away.


“Besides, fuel prices are high.

Just try making it from point a-to-point b.

You’ll eventually see that it isn’t cheap.

It’s always a price to pay.

So don’t run out of gas,

and be a dead man walking,

fill up your tank so you can move on today.


“See that all roads do lead to Rome,

and taking short cuts

may get you around the traffic,
but that

and driving alone

will make it a lonely ride home.


“So when you approaching them stop signs

pay attention at each intersection

and what street you turning on.

Don’t get lost,
heading down that Road to Perdition,

passing the Rubicon.

That’s a point of no return,

a dead-end.


“Look left, then right,
then left again.

Make sure you are doing things right,

and remember from where and how far you came,

continue down the road less traveled…

You’ll get to your destination, baby


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