Being Worth It

Essentially, human beings consist of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, carbon, and calcium. We contain approximately 13 gallons of water, enough iron to make a small carpenter’s nail, and just enough salt and sugar to fill up a salt shaker and compact a sugar cube. Now if I made my living off of distributing all of those items in set packaging, then each “human content” package could be valued at $17.38 (taxes included).  However, all of those contents in a human being are worth so much more…priceless to be exact. Your self-worth is accepting what you are, and knowing who you are.

All those previously listed elements and substances, your origin, your creed, race, everything that is a given, the absolutes, hard facts, independent variables are what you are. These are the components in your life you can’t change. They are you, but they aren’t who you are. They are only a small part of your WORTH. Majority of your WORTH is based on who you are.  The decisions you make and how you let their outcomes affect you, your principles you’ve developed through being an individual, the way you respond to the world….that’s the you.  All of those combined equals your WORTH.

You are the common denominator in this equation, you can add a little bit of your experiences, your memories, your growth, your aspirations, you overcoming all the adversity and pain. You go on by subtracting the number of times you didn’t learn from your mistakes, those ideas and opportunities you passed upon, those dejected feelings from heartbreak and disappointment that kept you from loving again and trying. Now multiply all that by the times you were faced with those shortcomings but came out on top, the winner. No matter if you were the underdog or favored to see first place, multiply that number. Now the sum, the production, the difference, the result is you and how you feel about yourself.

You don’t even have to do the math on that, because you know how you feel about your self. It’s your qi (energy), your essence, your being, your esteem. They are the contents to define you, the reasoning of your purpose.  It’s what you are and who you are. Of course, you wanted to be “them” and “they” when you were a kid, but you grew up as you, hopefully. The beautiful part about being you is that you have worth. Being you makes you priceless, there’s no other item like you. You took God’s clay, Allah’s vessel, the earth’s elements, some bones and pair of eyes to see something so priceless because you love you and you are happy being you…and that’s you and your worth it.

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