Timeless (Written for & Dedicated to the marriage & completion of Mr. & Mrs Geoffrey Cole)


I wasn’t sure what to get you for your wedding

but then I realized

Love doesn’t know what time is.

It never measured its presence by mere seconds,

Minutes get missing

Hours are loss when its decades of time spending

No longer missed but she’s now, “Mrs.”

and this reception is evidence

that sometimes God’s wrist watch rolls smoothly in slow motion,

Like Heaven’s hour glass is always filled and never lacking

not one tick tock given

its timeless,

I’m sure prophets have spoke this into existence

Now if these walls could talk they would say today was destined.

Believe me when I say…
this was written as if pharaohs carved “Geoff loves Ashanti” in hieroglyphics on the walls inside Egyptian pyramids,

Not one anhk wasted…

It was written in braille for those who CAN’T seem to catch the vision.

Even broken clocks can see that unison doesn’t mean the timing is perfect.

It’s off by, maybe, a couple hours,
sort of like the time difference between an East coast boy and a California girl…

let us pray their blessings are countless

and that they live in this moment for eternity…

(Deep inhale)

I love the new car scent that love leaves.

You see the mission is for all of us to find someone we can repeat the sentence “I love you” with,

but never place a period at the end.

Just commas and blank spaces left for you to fill in…

and I didn’t know what to give you for a wedding gift

but God suggested signs of infinity

because love doesn’t know what time is

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