Day 1 (Write at least 500 words): 2 weeks & Unconditional

I have enjoyed my life up until this point, and if God willing I’ll get to enjoy it for many more years. Also, just not my life but my son’s life as well. In being a father I’ve learned something with myself, that although I was raised by some great women, I don’t think I would have the principles and integrity I live without being influenced and mentored by some great men.
Now my use of the word “great” isn’t subject to modern day aesthetics but to their commitment to being genuine in their actions. I try raising my son to a high standard for myself. I would hate for in 25 years that I feel like I didn’t give him my all as a parent.
As a father, sometimes I can be tough on my son. Its both his mother’s and my job to nurture him but I must tread waters that are deep with cultivating his character, teach him to be human. And I’m sure, I’m cursed like any parent has been, with unconditional love. That’s the other part of being a parent a father, they won’t teach you about.
I remember once when I was working with my mentor, doing project management on a construction site in Boynton Beach, Florida. I was working on site with they ex-marine supervisor, Bowers who was tough by demeanor, could have grinded glass with the rasp in his voice alone. He was a father and sometimes during lunch break we would exchange jokes (sometimes his were a bit dry and corny)
One rainy day, during lunch break, Bowers receives a call from his son. Also a marine, only home for another 2 weeks before going back to the middle East to continue his commitment to enduring freedoms, Jr had a dilema, his friend’s F-150 was stuck in a mud trap in the back woods near Belle Glades, Fl. Bowers asked for me to ride and tell a few funny jokes on the way.
We arrived in this wooded area, looked to be formerly occupied by the Klu Klux Klan. And I automatically looked for a noose, riding with this ex-marine, possibly undercover good “ol boy”; fortunately, the only thing I noticed was semi-submerged yellow F-150 in mud and marsh. First thing Bowers says is “well, I’ll just call a tow truck for him”.
Now, sounds like problem solved, right? Wrong! You see Bowers Jr., wanted to test his newly, daddy bought F-250 (without the 4×4). So as I’m keeping shelter inside the company’s Chevy Avalanche and from any possible hate crim incidents. I see Jr take a heavy chain from his truck bed hook it up under the frame under his friends F-150. He put his car in drive and YANK! He pulled off his own fender and a quarter of his truck bed.
I was laughing my dry ass off inside that truck, until pissed off Bowers Sr called me out to assist, with what intentions, I don’t know because I wasn’t being apart of destroying Jr’s truck more than it already has been. Reluctantly, I get out to a steaming, screaming father resorting back to both his tone as a marine and his accent of a Southerner, “Boy, why can’t you listen and just wait for the tow truck?”. I just stood there (laughing and shaking my head on the inside).
The tow truck by this time had arrived and had no problem pulling that STILL stuck in the mud F-150 but Jr was stubborn, something I’m sure he inherited from his father, Bowers. Jr hooked that F-150 back to his truck the front end…and not taking any heed to the tow truck, his father or my advice, he tried again. But this time he must have latched on to the wrong part of the truck because as sure as he put his truck into drive did his engine fly from the front as he was trying to tow his friends F-150.
Bowers Sr was too pissed to speak, understandable of course. The brand new F-250 Bowers bought his son was totaled, insurance doesn’t cover this type of human error. I rode home with a man that night who was so pissed, he didn’t utter a word on the way home. It was kind of scary to tell the truth. I just knew he was going to kill his son.
A week goes by, and to my surprise we’re in the office, joking as usual and he his son comes in and tell Bowers Sr “I’m about to go wash the truck.” I go outside and see a brand new F-250, 4×4 with crome fenders and 22 inch wheels. I go back inside and asked Bowers “Why would you buy him a new truck? Don’t get me wrong, its your money, I have no place to say but what is he going to learn from totaling a $50,000 plus truck and receiving a new one the next day?”. Bowers Sr looked me in my eyes and said “At this point, its not about teaching him anything. In a week, he’ll be back in Afghanistan, somewhere in the midst of being shot at and avoiding running over bombs. I don’t know if he’ll come back alive but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing the last week I spent with my son was being mad with him and not showing how much I love him. So I bought him a truck, because it coould be the last gift I’m able to give him.”
I stood there and realized that as a parent, our love is unconditional.

One thought on “Day 1 (Write at least 500 words): 2 weeks & Unconditional”

  1. Dope story. Being a father myself, I can definitely relate to that struggle of being the stern disciplinarian and just letting some shit slide sometimes.

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