the Plan Day 2: Transform Negative into a Positive

My grandmother use to tell me that whenever it rained while the Sun was shining that it was because the devil was beating his wife. Keep in mind she said this with her daily Sunday morning southern drawl that until this day may be the most soothing voice I’ve ever beared witness to. But I laughed everytime, I use to keep this image in my head of the devil whooping, slapping and throwing around his wife. I find even funnier now that I could capture the silver lining in domestic violence; clearly, beating your wife is wrong but who would be more deserving than the condemned.

People hate it when it rains. But I can’t make rain such a depressing thing because I’ve had some soothing and exciting moments during thunderstorms. Sex is one of those soothing situations but we’ll save that for the book. What I really mean by soothing, is comparing your life to a desert and having to walk through that dry desert. Everything is so barren and exposed, nothing moving. No progression, no oasis, no excitement, just the everyday back and forth movement and curse of comfort that makes you forget that it takes more than breathing to show that you’re living.
But fast approaching, is a thunderstorm. And at first, you’re a bit timid because you know lightning could strike but being the desert, all that rain is a blessing. Once those rain drops hit your head you realize how much you’ve been on the edge of merely just existing. You want to live in that moment forever because you never want to go back to the heat that drained you day to day.
But what happens when the storm is gone and the sun comes back out? Do you go back to existing? Or do you start living? Do you start counting your blessings, or do you just take them for granted?
Hopefully, you never want to feel comfort and complacency again. The beauty is that now you serve a purpose, you fulfill a void. You no longer live for anything other than your happiness and well being. You don’t let your day be hostage to speed bumps, you know the highway is not too far away and soon you’ll be on your way. Your destination is yours, don’t let anyone interfere with your progress, and don’t allow anything to do more than slow you down.

The sun is shining but its raining,
And even though the clouds are darker,
I’m happy and smiling,
Because the devil is beating his wife,
Domestic violence couldn’t have come at better time
Just ask anyone who has searched high and dry chasing mirages in a desert,
Thunderstorms are blessing.
Will relinquish your thirst to keep living if you forget where you was headed while the sun was glistening.
Being blind for too long, will eventually heighten your senses…
Giving you time to take a deep breath to see what you’ve really been missing.
Inhale to smell those roses
and for once see those thorns as protectors and not inhibitors

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