the Plan Day 3: Each One, Teach One

There’s a reservation park in South Africa (Pilanesberg Park) that was having a problem with their endangered white rhinoceros population drastically falling. They found these rhinos harassed, and stumped (unprovoked) by young bull elephants. This was an unnatural behavior for the elephants to antagonize the rhinos, wouldn’t occur out on the Savannah.
Now officials of the preservation wondered what would bring these young bull elephants to these violent acts. The answer was in a decision made to bring only young males on the preservation because the older bulls were too strong willed and shot or too large in size to transport.
So these young bull who were sent without guidance, matured on their own. You see without the presence of the mature bulls the young bulls were filled with unguided aggression. To change things, park officials brought in older mature bull elephants to take their natural place as fathers and disciplinarians. And as a result, the white rhino population was preserved.

Fill in the Blank: If you didn’t vote then you can’t _________.

A) Complain
B) Have an opinion
C) Expect anything to change
D) All of the Above

The wrong answer is D) all of the above. Everyone has that proverbial wisdom that is commonly defined as opinions, complaints have replaced prayers abroad, but the expectation for anything to change is a more complicated subject; specifically, the rebellious demographic we refer to as teenagers or what my father refers to, in his proud Jamaican accent as the “yute”.
The “yute” have always been rebellious due to their individual journeys of establishing of who they are and their place in this forever revolving world. In the midst of growing up, we witness the fight and flight similar to the young men who probably would’ve been a youth minister converting souls instead of investing energy into selling how much money he can my boasting drug dealer dream. We witness and criticize our future by their style of dress, music, and growing apathy in social activity but what does that say about our involvement?
People love to have an opinion and complain but rarely do you hear about what they did to impact some change. Crime seems to be rising and its young adults/teenagers committing the crime. They idolize drug dealers and former addicts, they rather “not give a fuck” then care about improving their lives. They see success in short terms; make enough money, flaunt it, and spend it before their dead or in jail for making it. But ask yourself why? Who taught them these were to be glorified and praised? The answer is: no one…the problem is there isn’t anyone teaching them right from wrong.
If you sit on the sideline and watch with the mentality “not happening in my yard” then one day the trash and chaos in the neighbor’s backyard will cross over the fence and then you’ll have to do your share of cleaning up. Don’t think of terms of curing the problem that arises but preventing it. If you’re tired of hearing of young adults robbing, killing, and not being productive members of society then do something. Give them insight, mentor them, but don’t criticizing them. You were once their age and I’m sure somewhere in your growth, you had someone teaching you a little lesson.
Each one, teach one. Volunteer in these schools early, help the teachers and parents show these “yute” who they are. Tell them they come from a land of kings and that they weren’t born to pimp their women but protect them. Teach them the history of those street names and former entrepenuers in those “hoods” that they aimlessly die over. Go “spit some game” to the young ones. Be an example and not just a mouthpiece. Show them how to live, not with your words, but how you move your feet.

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