the Plan Day 5: Thank someone and Be Thankful (short story)

Sometimes, it takes someone to not be able to see anything for us to see something we never seen for ourselves. Let me explain what I mean. I admit being jaded by everyday encounters with the homeless approaching me and requesting my spare change. There have even been times my empathy for the under-poverished has lacked in compassion and respect. I have given my spare change due to me not feeling gracious of my life and my blessings to be in better standing but because of a mix between pity and apathy.
As I grew older and had a few bouts with adversity and realized that our lives sometimes are only different by the minute of decisions. There are those who are homeless due to simple check to check living and one day….that next check wasn’t in existence. Now if you knew that was the circumstance you would probably spare some change not from pity.

Here’s an example of what I mean. Pay attention.

It was a beautiful day, sun shining, not too, breeze blowing just right, the grass at Lake Eola Park was green and the swans were tasting more bread than the homeless received. I was with my son and in the most humblest of states of the mind and heart. As we were finishing up playing father & son tackle football, a game we derived, we came across a boy sitting near the sidewalk.
This boy, maybe of age 14, crumpled clothing, had neither a decent meal or good shower in a couple days, was blind. Sounds sad and pitiful, right? Well, this blind boy set near the sidewalk holding a sign that read “I am Blind, Help me.” And a little tupperware bin (probably once used for reheating cold pizza slices) sat there with maybe a dollar and somee change in it.
You would expect for it to be filled, right? After all, he’s young, blind, poor, and pitiful…all the more reason to donate and give him your spare change. But people walked by more than they had dropped a nickel or penny in his bin.
So my son and I have a slice of pizza at a near pizzeria, and as we are walking the greasy slices off, we see an older man approach the blind boy, take his sign, turn it around and write something on it. Now, I wasn’t sure if it was a scam or not so my son and I continued with our walk around the lake.
Upon our return, I noticed that the blind boy with the sign had now had an over flowing tupperware bin of full of change. I was amazed to see how people could change. We appraoched closer and I seen what the strange man changed the blind boy’s sign to read….it read “Today is a Beautiful day and I can not see it”.

You understand the difference right? They said the same thing but in different ways. One sign told us how unlucky he was blind while the other sign told us how lucky that we weren’t blind.

Moral of the Story: Be thankful for what you have

Change the way you see things.

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