the Plan Day 6: Clean Up

It’s tradition and proper etiquette that when a man is introducing and establishing himself, he greets with a customary handshake. I play the more casual approach during greetings, I use the “Dap” approach and avoid being exposed to someone else’s germs. I give my dap (exchange of fist pounds), the universal head bow and respond “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
No, I don’t say that in jest or to avoid making physical contact with someone. I genuinely believe that. The cleaner you are the closer to purity you become. But keep in mind, there’s nothing in Life that remains spotless or unblemished. There’s always something to be cleaned. There’s always room for improvement. There’s always something that you can CLEAN UP.
Always start with yourself, your hygiene usually is a result of how you feel about yourself. Your mental, psychological and emotional states can be observed in how you carry yourself. There’s more to it than simply not wanting to wash their tail. They feel bad about themselves, it exhibits and displays itself through poor hygiene, not keeping up with or taking care of their health. They need to CLEAN UP!
By CLEAN UP I’m saying there are things, they themselves must address. If its depression, then find some form of therapy, go after the root of why they feel that way. I was once told, “if the mouth is always smelling bad then the body is saying its something wrong”. So if the body is in a bad state then that being is trying to show us that there’s something wrong.


And it just doesn’t end with self. Once you start cleaning yourself up it transcends into the room you occupy, into the house you dwell, your community and the world you exist in. Now I’m not saying, people aren’t feeling good about themselves but I am asking that we all do our part to CLEAN UP.
The room we’re in sometimes is full of garbage that neeeds to be thrown away, floors needing wiped of muddy steps and air to be freshened. It won’t happen if we won’t do it. I’m not trying to preach, but pastors always use the phrase “Get Your House in Order” and they’re right. Clean your house, get your life together. If you had dirt in your corner, so what, who hasn’t. The world loves to see a comeback and to know that the slate has been cleaned.
Just CLEAN UP…your perspective on everything and everyone is dependent on what’s inside you. Let me tell you a story I heard before….listen

There once was these newly weds who moved into their first home and a working class neighborhood. The wife was from an affluent family and luckily her blue collar husband was traditional in his ways not allowing his wife to work and keep her privileged and able to avoid working. He bought her a nice chrome washer & dryer that took care of all the laundry. Her neighbors weren’t as fortunate.
The women who lived behind her had to wash her clothes by hand and just like in the old school, southern housing projects she had to dry her clothes on a clothesline. Everday the neighbor would hang her clothes out the young wife would peek her nosey head to the kitchen window and say, “Her clothes are still a bit dirty and have some stains on them still. She must not know how to clean properly.” Her husband would always just listen in silence.
Everyday the neighbor hung her clothes up the new wife would be at the window saying the same thing. She would complain to her husband and he would respond in silence. The next time the neighbor was hanging her clean close out on the line. The new wife said to her husband “well someone must’ve taught her how to clean her clothes because they are bright and clean now.” Her husband responded, “No! When I went outside to water the lawn, our neighbor told me how dirty that kitchen window was and that if I cleaned it we would be able to see out of it better. So I did!”

You can word the moral of the story how you must but I’m sure you see the bigger picture.

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