the Plan Day 7: Live a bit more than just existing

“Good morning, what a wonderful day to be amongst the living.” -Derrick Henry

Ever since, high school I would say reiterate Coach Henry’s words, daily, to project my appreciation for being a live. On the surface, we should all be appreciative for life. We’re not stiff but moving, able to roam in this world, flesh free of worms and decomposition free; although, my faith allows me to believe there’s role of divinity in both this lifetime and beyond. However, throughout the growth and progression of my life, I’ve matured and gained insight. I began to acknowledge there’s a difference between living and existing.
The two words are synonymous and interchangeable during casual conversation but shall we dabble a bit?
Too many of the world just merely exist, working from “9-5 5 days a week isn’t living its just existing. Not unless your 9-5 is doing something you at least…”(See Hope) Its like spending majority of your time trying to make a little bit more dimes than you made before, but the realities of bills and responsibilities won’t allow you to work more. So you cave into pressures, put in a bit more hard work and come home exhausted. You listen to the world lie to you that “time is money” but the extra was just more precious time lost. You children are being taugh a routine, of working hard to work for someone else, to not live a little bit more than you do worrying because after all…no one likes the agony of defeat. And if at the end of the day all you can say is at least I made it…then you’re just existing.
You see living contains you attaining happiness. There will be risks taken and adversity will display it Medusa like grimace but what would good trip be without the bumps and curves…straight, narrow and boring. LIVE your life. Take a day off to spend time with your kids. Make a random trip to see your “friend” on the other side of town. Get drunk and throw up all over the ground but don’t let your best friend take a picture and put it on twitter (insider!). But find some happiness, find YOUR happiness.
I’m not saying quit your job and try to be a singer just because you sound good in the shower but I am saying this: you’re an employee after you were a parent, lover, brother, husband or friend. If you’re disgruntled at work, make moves to leave or improve your environment. If you not seeing your needs not met, you only have control over your actions, so start being a verb so you can see your own forward progress.
The point of it all is this…your life will come to an end one day. And in your last blink, your entire life will flash before you. Now if you were just existing, then you’re not going to see much but if you’ve been living then it will be well worth it. A complete second of compiled happiness all for your pleasure…

Kill the zombie in us all…


One thought on “the Plan Day 7: Live a bit more than just existing”

  1. Makes me evaluate my own life and although I love my career am I doing it for the money or because it has always been my dream, truth is my dream is to be so much more with probably less pay,

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