the Plan Day 8: Its Never Too Late (There are no Saints without sins)

I have a story to tell…anyone listening?

This story is old as the honor amongst thieves. It begins in the streets, the same streets you can hear rappers brag about surviving and resembled those same dark alleys decorated by the residence of that community with trash and decadence. Prostitutes swooning and the presence of poverty stood like a honorable statue in the middle of it all. In transition from fleeing danger, a young couple with a new born, no stroller, in the midst of the winter, trying to guarantee a future for their little miracle became surrounded by a band of thieves.
This band of thieves were typical, a hoodlum filled bunch of future derelicts, crooks and mastered criminals, expressing their suppressed feelings of insecurity from adversity by having this young couple trapped. Threats are too familiar to this young couple, who already are freeing authority who would rather have their baby son’s neck, prayed for clarity. And at that moment, the leader of that band of thieves gave permission for the young couple to leave, unscathed and acknowledge their troubles and paths crossed as fate had it planned.
Now, this young leader who quelled his band of thieves, was no Saint. He had his share of adversity being raised the bastard of a loving mother, who tried her best to raise him to be a man but through his challenging years of not following his studies, he lost his way and she only could save his younger siblings by not having him stay. He roamed without a home, learning the tricks of his trade, gambling and lying, conniving and trifling were actually his good qualities. I’m pretty sure he would’ve stole religion if he could of made a penny off of it.
But you see a life a cheap tricks, thefts and statutes broken in convenience will build a case against you as deep as the Pacific. And you can only steal so much money and profit from the public until they want you tied and tortured long enough for the buzzards to hover.
And as this thief, was paying his debt to society with his blood, head tilted, he heard the jeers and tears for a fellow peer, in the same predicament. He told the man next to him, “I committed many crimes. I’m guilty and accept what’s coming to me. I’m sorry not because of my current capture but because my sins committed misery. Hopefully, you’ll remember me”. The prisoner who head was so heavy with a crown of thorns turned to him and said “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

Now that story was about Saint Dismas, the penitent thief, one of the thieves who was crucified alongside Jesus Christ. He was also known as Titus, a thief that encountered Mary & Joseph fleeing Bethlehem and let them go because of their child. Its never too late…not just in religious terms, but its never too late period. Who decides that time is running out for you to do or try something novel and new. Experience your bucket list while you’re living and not when you’re dying. It’s never too late to go after your dreams. If a life time thief/ criminal can find salvation and redemption for his pair of eyes to be paralyzed on God’s Paradise then trust and believe it’s never too late…don’t believe me Google: St. Dismas or Titus

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