the Plan Day 9: Just Relax

Within any minute of any given day, a moment can turn your surroundings into Monday morning rush hour traffic. We rush and work harder, avoid hardly working, only to complete the work that never is finished and that will be there later. We are human not drones or worker bees, we were meant to relax a bit. While life is moving at the speed of light, rushing and blurring the lines between being busy and productive. You have to stand still for a moment, and let this Earth’s spinning momentum just turn you around, but you’re still spinning on your own axis.
Too much of anything can be bad for you, so on the same token that too much rest and relaxation can become of sloth, too much hard work can seize to be diligence and transform into fatigue or burnout. So relax, T.G.I.F. yourselg at least once a day just so you can have some peace to yourself. You see in the end, your life will not receive any accolades or trophies for being the person can deal with the most stress.
Stress is a killer, a no-care-giving-how-you-living-just-want-to-work-your-nerves-and-have-you-feeling-like-it-wasn’t-worth-it-in-the-end type of villain. [Now that say that again even faster]. Only for the sake of physical competition does the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going…tougher” apply. The rest of should be summed up in “when things get harder you shouldn’t have to work harder but figure out a better approach and just work smart.” Be efficient, use your wits and manage your time but don’t become a machine and forget you deserve to relax. Your bones don’t get any stronger.
Just Relax
It doesn’t just apply to your working life but also when the drama and stress become inbedded in your routine like scabs under your finger nails. You have to take time away from things that keep giving you headaches, people and the “he say that she say” just relax at least once a day. It’s like if your life was a book, while being read, each chapter you write per day, may need a little break, allow your life some time for a blank page.
First, you have to take a pause for the cause. The time depends on how much you need to relax. Second, take several deep breaths, not to hyper ventilate but soothing, slow and long deep breaths. Inhale through your nose, let that fresh air fill your lungs and diffuse throughout your pores as you exhale. Third, see yourself in that moment, just be conscious of your eyes blinking. Personally, I like to imagine myself peacefully away. Somewhere I want to be but reality won’t allow me always to be….but my mental vacation.
My mind usually drifts and jets me to Jamaica, my grandparents home to be exact. Just picture sitting, body partially reclined, feet lifted on the 3rd story balcony and in the background a morning breeze like you would expect to feel on a Corona commercial. The first perspective is the landscape, live from the mountains that hover over Kingston, no smog, just a few clouds imitating mist and fog while the sun makes a grand entrance. There’s always a white plastic bowl full of sugar can stalk, ready to be gnawed, a crystal mug full of mint tea leaves, a plate of ackee & salt fish, sliced avocado, fresh eggs and toast. I can always hear my son playing in the courtyard with the mutt my family calls the family dog. No concern of missing any emails or dropped calls, no texts, twitter doesn’t know because I didn’t announce it on Facebook….there’s no access to my pleasant state at Sterling Castle, St. Andrews

But that’s just a vacation in my mind, you have to figure your own place.

Let me get away.


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