A Blind Mice’s Hindsight: An Instruction in Ménage

I never read a manual on how to conduct a threesome but I have 20/20 hindsight from experience to avoid mistakes I’ve already made. The results: gained confidence and enough competence in satisfying two women.
This is a validated and documented fantasy for many men. Lesbian porn is an obvious source. There has to be something that comes with the Y chromosome that makes us indecisive in being able to fantasize about one woman at once; especially, when we’re giving an abundance to have inappropriate thoughts on. I’m not here to determine if we are naturally or are programmed to be sexually monogamous but I do have my thoughts of arranging and conducting a successful and most importantly, pleasurable, threesome.  

First, know the woman you plan on engaging in this sexual adventure with. She has to share a mutual interest or her own curiosity. That doesn’t mean she’s just willing if it’s the result from hours of passive coercion.
Build dialogue and converse. The use of flirts and innuendos are not just a meter stick to measure her interest in this matter but also a way to plant a seed of interest that grows into an idea, thought and hopefully an action. Communication can open up so many doors. You may found out this isn’t what she wants, and if so be the case, just read the rest of this context for future reference, just in case the relationship ends.  
Now, if she considers it a worthy cause having a ménage á trois, her developing interest will vary from enthused to curious. However, you don’t want to force feed her gun powder. Avoid being too blunt, introduce it casually, under the disguise of comfort. “How do you think a threesome with me could be?” Sounds a hell of a lot better than “You ever wanted to munch on another woman? How about if I was there watching?” Remember, a woman’s greatest erotic zone is between their ears.  
If you receive your desired answer, the next step is choosing your “Third”…wisely. I’m not promoting another man being included, because that’s a train in my book. (by the rules of a train/mini-gang bang, man law prohibits eye contact, and no shared passion) So uh….the woman that’s complete’s your sexual trinity, can be rated based upon her experience and your preferences. For example, you may want a woman that’s liberal trying things and possesses a level of experience to add the fun factor and bring some comfort to the situation. An alternative is that you could be intriguing to an amateur allowing you to exert dominance and/or see your woman take a dominating role and command another woman too….well, you get the picture.  
Make sure the introductions are conducive with your desired reactions. This goes back to your delivery. No creep comments like “damn, I can’t wait until you go down on her.” NO!! I mean even those alcohol induced, ecstasy laced threesomes, after wild parties were initiated through some effort and proper seduction.
Make sure there’s an attraction and that same attraction is reciprocated. Build up the dialogue. Attraction is important but remember this is like a triangle: 3 sides, all angles must complement and add to 180 degrees.
Initiation is so important. Introduce your own brand of dirty talk, be yourself don’t sound like the 90s porn dialogue. Commands are good for S&M ventures but if you’re already doing that you don’t need to do much seduction and all of this may be irrelevant. Suggestion, you kiss one woman and began rubbing on the other, then maybe…the details vary but the important thing is you were the catalyst. If you want things to pop-off you will find a way to initiate because a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. All pun intended.  

Always keep in mind, supreme to all, second to none: you get what you give. If you only plan on throwing your fingers in between some legs, getting yours and not concerning with these two women getting theirs, then your experience will be pretty boring and dry. Don’t quote me, but I believe Newton’s 6th Law mentioned something about you have to lick it, a few times, before you expect her to lick her too. Or was before you stick it? Either way, my point is investing effort and sexual energy into a threesome will only heighten the experience and benefit you.  

Be mindful of your excitement. You have to figure out how to contain your excitement because Pre-mature ejaculation is REAL. Trust me! Yes, I’ve came too quick and short-changed several women in my life….without any guilt. But climaxing before you’re ready to release will bring everything you’ve worked for to a deep sighing halt.  

My experience, began as a random phone call post-nightclub hours, in the midst of me visiting a college sophomore I’ve already had the pleasure of sleeping with. And just as soon as picked up the phone and heard the good news, a u-turn put me into the opposite direction as the college sophomore, who I’m sure had thoughts of me being such a Jerk, for waking her out of slumber for a no show. “My apologies, sweetheart, something came up.” A 10 minute trip that turned into a 5 minute strategic race to victory. I arrived, and like Superman, burst through the front door, at the speed of a bullet, and by time I reached my fifth step, I was without my cape, just socks. I immediately engaged into an amplified tantric display of foreplay that involed all types of adventurous oral and touching. Both women were going to feel my wrath. I couldn’t wait to enter and engage as the Bible forbid. I was going to enjoy this…at least I thought I was. As soon as I slid that rubber on, I became too anxious and just like the speed of bullet, I climaxed. I just shook my head but did my little boy strokes in hopes that I would bounce back but to no avail, I was too far gone. The two women were disappointed just as much as I was but that didn’t stop them from continuing their beautiful act of menage.   If you can get past your excitement, enjoy the rest, because from this point on its all about effective multitasking and reciprocation.  
After everything is said and done, after these two women have reached peaks and you received yours, after you have no more to give…maintain boundaries. Remember, this was the 3rd wheel not a side girlfriend. She is a gift for you both, and having extra or side sex invalidated the threesome and will designate it as another relationship….and that is another story, at another time.


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