Sand, Fire and Silver (original story written for Tameka and Johnathan Wedding)


This is the story of perfect timing…

It began once upon a time when God had stranded his greatest craftsman,
on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
He had no boat just a furnace and guild.
And the voice of the Almighty told him to design a gift.
A gift for soulmates.

His nature was to create a gift that would exist with a purpose.
So, he drew up plans.
Love wasn’t loss.
Just kept changing directions. Somehow the compass was broken, and had no points of origin.
Thinking you know what you want but have no way of finding it …is frustrating!

As he stood sweating over his fire
he became inspired by the sounds that crackled.
He ran outside,
scooped several buckets of white sand,
dumped it across a flat annealed surface,
blew life into the flames
and made a flat smooth layer of glass.
It was unbreakable but allowed for a clear view.

Next he ran out, reached under the boulders,
right where waves were breaking.
From there he found silver.
Placed it in his furnace released all the passion from his lungs.
Blowing until the heat was high.

Pulled it over his anvil and hammered. He hammered out all impurities.
all bad experiences.  
But you see the flaws were just apart of living.
He took the glass, placed it over the polished silver,
and pressed as much as God was willing until it was sealed.
This was a mirror.

Not sure of what our souls are made of but things are clearer when our hearts are reflective.
The value is priceless and precious
but no matter how hard the craftsman worked its worth wouldn’t find perfection.

Until the mirror was finished, which is now because these two souls…
Johnathan and Tameka Hamilton…
Are now one another’s reflection.


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